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“Leadership requires two things: a vision of the world that does not yet exist and the ability to communicate it.” 

― Simon Sinek, Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action



At Nobus Solutions we are harnessing the power of Why. When we meet, you can expect the following questions to be asked:

  • Are you on your Why, the compelling higher purpose that inspires you and acts as the source of all you do?
  • Are you embracing right-to-left thinking and are you aligned around a clear declared outcome?
  • Have you identified the adaptive challenges that you will need to overcome, or are you more drawn to technical fixes?
  • Are you being a leader who’s needed to bring the declared outcome into reality?
  • Have you built sufficient relationship for the task?

If you feel that you are ready to explore the above questions further – we are the right partner for you.

Inspired by Peter Docker


Nobus Solutions provides innovative business services in the areas of leadership & talent development, team & organization development, and strategic change management to empower current and future leaders with the capabilities required to meet the challenges of today and to create opportunities for tomorrow.

We offer:

Boards & Executives Facilitation

As the leading example of teamwork in the organization it is critical that the management team at the top is a shining example of what they would like to see below. As a best practice approach the top teams step back and reflect on how to develop further and ensure that the top team is truly working effectively together.

Our consultants’ expertise offers a series of short and sharp workshops targeted to develop top teams’ clear sense of purpose, align the organization with the vision and business goals and builds the cascading down, synergistic power which the top team needs to display with clearly measurable factors.

Each workshop is unique and interactively designed with the top team involvement. An initial assessment of strengths identifies where the team is and how building on strengths it can move forward. Transform the top management team today into a winning force for change – contact us to kick-start a bespoke and powerful intervention which is business relevant and releases the power of each of the team members in a truly successful transformation.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Coaching is a powerful method to develop leaders and their leadership impact when facing specific challenges in a complex and dynamic world.

Specializing in both remedial and developmental coaching, we support leaders with organizational challenges they currently face or to develop their talent further for the future. Through a targeted, one-to-one approach, we equip them with individualized approaches for success.

High Performing Team Coaching (HPTC)

HPTC is a comprehensive, systemic approach designed to support a team to maximize its collective talents and resources to accomplish and exceed the goals required by the organization.

HPTC has a results-oriented focus achieved by aligning the key actions a coach takes to the beginning, midpoint and ending stages of a team’s natural business cycle.

Training for current and future leaders

We offer a series of fully interactive workshops dedicated to current and future leaders. Topics include:

Leading High Performing Teams: Giving participants knowledge, skills and techniques of how to harness the power of teamwork and diversity to achieve outstanding results.

Leadership and Communication: Raising self-awareness of current communication skills with techniques for effective and clear expression in all key areas, in both one-to-one and groups.

Strategic Leadership and Change: Extending the business thinking horizon and broadening the understanding of the wider context of the impact of business decisions. Dealing with and successfully introducing change through people.

…and many more.


We provide a full range of consulting services related to:

Leadership & Talent Development: Empowering executive leadership, enabling effective leaders, developing future talents.

Team & Organization Development: Creating impactful teams, transforming organizations, future-proofing corporate culture.

Strategic Change Management: Setting strategic direction, defining a change agenda, leading strategy execution, fostering transformation processes, managing continuous change.



When we design development or change processes we aim at achieving the highest sustainable impact on leaders’, teams’, and organizations’ immediate and long term performance by applying the following principles and beliefs:

  • Fully customized: We believe that all individuals, teams and organizations are unique and thus all development and change initiatives need to be customized to be the most effective.
  • Co-designed: We believe that individuals, teams, and organizations know best their needs, challenges and aspirations which is why we co-design effective development and change processes in a partnership.
  • 3-phase process: We design development and change processes for achieving highest impact by thoroughly considering three equally important phases:
    • the preparation phase,
    • the intervention phase,
    • the follow up phase.
  • 70/20/10: We believe that high impact learning initiatives should apply the principle that 70% of learning takes place on the job, 20% in a facilitated setting, and 10% is about acquiring new theory.
  • Stakeholders involvement: We believe that development and change processes should take place within the participants’ holistic environment, including all of their influential stakeholders.
  • Strategy driven: We believe that development and change processes should be in full harmony and in full support of key strategic drivers.
  • Top anchored: We believe that development and change processes should be fully endorsed by those responsible for the strategy in order to achieve the highest impact.



  • Evidence-based: We base our expertise on validated and documented theory („No-Bullshit Approach”).
  • Values-based: Discovering values and transforming values into actions.
  • Results oriented: Achieving maximum results based on clear and measurable agreements made upfront.
  • Systemic: Understanding contextual framework.
  • Adaptive: Mobilizing people to tackle challenges and thrive.
  • Relationships focused: Supporting, motivating and developing the people on their teams and the relationships within.



When we take responsibility for development and change processes we behave according to the following:

  • Equal partners: We respect all participants as equal partners in the process.
  • Free choice: We respect individuals for having their free choice to participate in the process.
  • Positive intentions: We encourage actions based on the best positive intentions for individuals and their organization.
  • Honesty, trust and respect: We base relationships on the highest levels of honesty, trust and respect.
  • Full confidentiality: We respect full confidentiality at all levels at all times.
  • Holistic approach: We take a holistic approach to development and change. We consider the full context of any individual when in a development or change process.



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